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Samsung MD230X6 23-inch (16:9) 6 screens Wide Monitor

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Part Number: MD230X6
Price (VAT)106,465 baht
Estimated cash discount (2 %)-1,990 baht
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350 baht

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3 year(s) (parts/labor), 7 days DOA on-site new box swap, Life time technical and drivers support (on phone 8x5, email 24x7)
Installment as low as
B /month for 9 months (American Express)
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With the Samsung MD series you can increase your productivity-just like Bill Gates did: On my desk I have three screens, synchronised to form a single desktopOnce you have that large display area, youll never go back, because it has a direct impact on productivity. (Fortune, April 2006). And since the Samsung MD series is easy to set up you wont have to waste money on costly monitors, graphic cards, PCs, and cables. Its also available in bundles of three and six and includes a unique stand you can customised. Experience the ultimate all-encompassing view whether youre a power gamer or power player.

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