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Apple Xserve Quad Xeon 64-bit server

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The Xserve packs phenomenal power and industry-leading capabilities into a high-density, 1U rackmount server that fits easily into any network environment. And this award-winning UNIX-based server just got a 5x (1) performance boost over the Xserve G5, thanks to quad-core 64-bit Intel Xeon processing. Additional features include up to 2.25TB storage, two eight-lane PCI Express slots, dual onboard Gigabit Ethernet, and a combo drive. With all this, the Xserve provides the stability you need and the performance you want.

The fifth-generation Xserve is packed with features designed to meet your needs. Powered by the dual-core Intel Woodcrest Xeon processor running at up to 3.0GHz, this quad-core 64-bit system delivers performance up to 5 times (1) faster than the Xserve G5. For flexible storage, theres support for both SATA and SAS with optional internal hardware RAID, for capacities up to 2.25TB of internal capacity. Internal ATI Radeon X1300 PCI Express graphics is included with a mini-DVI output with VGA support. Dual redundant power supplies gives extra piece of mind. And you can control it all from across the hall or around the world, thanks to integrated lights-out management hardware and powerful, easy-to-use software.

Flexible strength
A high-performance PCI Express-based architecture provides an ultrafast 1.33GHz frontside processor bus and massive I/O throughput including two available x8 PCI Express slots. With advanced ECC data protection and high-bandwidth FB-DIMM memory, Xserve features a 256-bit-wide memory controller providing up to 21.3GB/s throughput to main memory and support for up to 32GB of 667MHz DDR2 ECC RAM with state-of-the-art data protection.

Optional Internal RAID
Using software RAID built in to Mac OS X Server, you can stripe two or three internal drives into a RAID 0 array to increase performance or create a RAID 1 array for data protection against a drive failure. For the ultimate in data protection, add the optional Xserve RAID card to your system. With 256MB of RAID cache and hardware RAID levels 0, 1, and 5, the Xserve RAID card delivers up to 198MB/s RAID 5 performance(2) for the most demanding server workloads without taking a valuable PCI Express expansion slot. With a built-in battery that protects the RAID cache for up to 72-hours, your data is further protected from unexpected power outages

Serious services
Xserve comes with Mac OS X Server, the UNIX-based server operating system that includes a complete suite of standards-based network services. Beyond fast file and print services, Mac OS X Server provides cross-platform management, imaging, and security capabilities, and collaboration features that integrate seamlessly with the desktop user experience. There is also support for POP and IMAP mail, ftp, QuickTime Streaming Server, DNS, and DHCP right out of the box. And because an unlimited client license for Mac OS X Server is included at no additional cost, you can save hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars on licensing fees.

Rack it up
At just 1.75 inches thick, the Xserve 1U form factor enables you to deploy a formidable array of processors in a 42U rack that makes the best possible use of the floor space in your server room or data center. This rack-optimized server offers phenomenal processing power, massive storage capacity up to 2.25TB and remote management tools that make it a snap to deploy and maintain. Based on Intels power-per-watt-optimized Woodcrest Xeon processor, Xserve maximizes your server performance while minimizing power and cooling requirements.

Ports and slots
Each Xserve features dual FireWire 800 ports, one FireWire 400 port, two USB 2.0 ports, and an industry standard DB-9 serial port. Two open eight-lane PCI Express slots provide independent throughput of up to 2GB/s each. One slot can be configured as a PCI-X slot for compatibility with the expansion cards you already have. And the new built-in graphics functionality, with mini-DVI output and support for industry-standard VGA displays and KVM (keyboard-video-mouse) switches, lets you drive a display without taking a valuable expansion slot.

Lights-out management
No matter where you are around the corner or around the globe you can always stay on top of things with the lights-out management processor integrated into Xserve. Its the ultimate remote control, letting you turn systems on, off, or reboot from a remote Ethernet connection. No extra hardware or software purchase is required everything you need to unchain yourself from your server room is included. And your management sessions are always encrypted to ensure the privacy and security of your data.

1 Testing conducted by Apple in October 2006 using preproduction quad 3.0GHz Xeon-based Xserve units; Xserve G5 systems were shipping units. Estimated SPECint_rate_base2000 score: 112.0 for quad 3.0GHz Xeon system and 21.1 for dual 2.3GHz G5 system. Estimated SPECfp_rate_base2000 score: 76.2 for quad 3.0GHz Xeon system and 20.4 for dual 2.3GHz G5 system. SPEC®, SPECfp®, and SPECint® are registered trademarks of the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation (SPEC); see for more information. Performance tests are conducted using specific computer systems and reflect the approximate performance of Xserve.
2 Testing conducted by Apple in July 2007 using preproduction Xserve RAID Card units and software, and shipping quad 3.0GHz Xeon-based Xserve units. Testing was conducted using Iometer 2006.07.27 with a 30-second ramp-up, 5-minute run duration, 512KB request size, and 4 outstanding IOs. Each system was configured as a single-volume test RAID configuration, where the OS resides on the same internal RAID volume on which Iometer tests are performed. Performance tests are conducted using specific computer systems and reflect the approximate performance of Xserve RAID Card.

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