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Fuji Xerox DocuPrint 240A

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Part Number: DocuPrint 240A
Price (VAT)25,573 baht
Estimated cash discount (3 %)-717 baht
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350 baht

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3 year(s) (parts/labor), 7 days DOA on-site new box swap, Life time technical and drivers support (on phone 8x5, email 24x7)

Enhancements and supplies
Fuji Xerox Toner Cartridge (up to 10,000 pages) for 240A/340A7,800 baht
Fuji Xerox Maitenance Kit for DocuPrint 240A (200K)8,560 baht
Fuji Xerox Duplex for DocuPrint 240A9,178 baht
Fuji Xerox Offset Catch Tray for DocuPrint 240A/340A10,206 baht
Fuji Xerox Face-up Tray for DocuPrint 240A/340A2,425 baht
Fuji Xerox 550 sheet Feeder for DocuPrint 240A/340A14,308 baht
Fuji Xerox PostScript III Kit for DocuPrint 240A/340A5,710 baht
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B /month for 9 months (American Express)
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The Fuji Xerox DocuPrint 240A mono laser printer is pitched at small businesses and workgroups. Its driven by a 266MHz PowerPC 603e processor and 64MB of memory (maximum 320MB) to provide a 1,200dpi resolution and output rated at 24 A4-size pages per minute. Fuji Xerox rates the duty cycle at up to 75,000 pages per month, so its certainly capable of handling a hefty load.

Input from parallel, serial, USB or Ethernet sources out-of-the-box. After assembling the printer which simply involves unpacking and installing the combined toner and fuser cartridge the instructions demand the software suite be set up before connecting the printer. Configuring USB is difficult: the user must install the printer as if its going to be connected via a parallel connection, and then manually change the port to USB under Windows. The parallel interface installs without any problems.

Print times are fast: the unit takes just 12 seconds for a single-page Excel table and 18 seconds for three pages of charts. A 12-page PowerPoint presentation prints in 42 seconds and a 12-page Word document, consisting of mixed text and graphics, takes 40 seconds. Print quality is flawless and no paper handling problems were encountered during testing.

Features such as email notification when a job is finished and watermarks are available if needed, boosting the units usefulness in a range of busy office environments. The selection of optional extras also befits an office-bound workgroup printer. These include PostScript support, the duplex unit, a 20GB internal hard disk for spooling print jobs, secure printing and electronic sorting.

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