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hp DeskJet 450WBT Bluetooth Printer


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Part Number: C8168A
Price (VAT)16,039 baht
Estimated cash discount (2 %)-299 baht
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350 baht

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As the first-ever mobile printer using Bluetooth wirelesstechnology, the HP Deskjet 450wbt offers a wide rangeof connectivity options, including Infrared. Now youcan enjoy personal wireless freedom with direct printingfrom Bluetooth wireless technology-enabled mobiledevices, as well as notebooks and PDAs. In addition,all HP Deskjet 450 Series printers connect easily to yourPC or Macintosh notebook computer, allowing you toprint contracts or sales orders just in time for your clientssignature. And through your Internet-connected portabledevice, you can print the latest marketing collateraland price lists. You can even take photos of property,insurance claims, or product prototypes, and print themdirectly from your cameras CompactFlash card.

What's in the box?HP Deskjet 450wbt mobile printer,HP Bluetooth Printer card, A/C adapter,power cord, parallel printer cable, referenceguide, setup roadmap, regulatory guide,printer software CD-ROM, HP 56 Black printcartridge (19 ml), HP 57 Tri-color printcartridge (17 ml), fast-charging, long lastinglithium-ion battery

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